New perspectives for the historic company specialising in end-of-line packaging machinery: ‘Always at customers’ side, towards new and more challenging goals

MARANELLO (MO) – Marfin srl, a historic Modenese company specialising in the sector of machinery for the packaging and wrapping of palletised products, continues to look to the future, and with this in mind, it has opened 2024 with an important novelty on the company front. In recent weeks, in fact, the corporate structure has expanded thanks to the entry of new partners, Pietro Zini and Massimiliano Sghedoni. Zini, in particular, took over as CEO.

Founded in 1991, Marfin has always operated in the end-of-line packaging sector. The business was started in the field of technical assistance on strapping devices in the ceramic sector; over the years, the requests coming from the market and the expansion of the services offered have allowed the company to broaden its offer and specialise in the realisation of innovative and avant-garde solutions for industrial packaging. Namely strapping and hooding machines and special shrinking ovens.

‘Over the years,’ comments new CEO Pietro Zini, ‘customers have always placed their trust in Marfin because through our products the company has been able to satisfy every need. We intend to continue along this path, making it more structured and qualified, to accompany this historic reality towards new and more challenging goals. Our DNA will not change: to put ourselves at the service of every industrial sector and guarantee maximum commitment to producing efficient, functional, resistant, high-performance and technologically advanced machinery”.

Both Zini, 55, and Massimiliano Sghedoni, 51, have gained significant specific and multi-decennial experience, also in management roles: Zini has worked in Nuova Fima, Tema and Topjet, while Sghedoni comes from Marpak – Oms Group. On the strength of their respective professional backgrounds, they will be able to add further value to the company’s team and activities. In addition, Marfin will be able to move to new and larger premises in the coming months, in line with the growth project connected with the enlargement of the company perimeter.

Marfin’s philosophy is based on customisation of products and services: each machine is designed and built in collaboration with the customer, from international players to local realities, to best meet specific needs. Thus making the solutions supplied more and more efficient and performing. Attention towards partners is also expressed through a rapid and punctual assistance and maintenance service on industrial packaging machinery also produced by other companies; Marfin’s technical experts are ready to deal with any criticality, thanks also to a well-stocked spare parts department. Similarly, Marfin is also at the side of companies in the case of transfers and removals, supporting customers who need to move a machine or a complete system.

From a commercial point of view, Marfin is active in Italy and abroad: after having initially presided over the local market, which continues to be of primary importance, in recent years the company has also explored international markets in other sectors, always in the field of end-of-line packaging. Today, Marfin’s technological systems are installed in numerous countries all over the world and activities continue to penetrate new districts in Europe and beyond.

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