The machine is available in two models, both of which can be equipped with an automatic pallet reading system

MARANELLO (ITALY) – Speeding up the unloading of stacks of pallets, aligning and squaring the pallets in a perfect way to give continuity to the automatic production flow and to minimise the possibility of errors linked to manual unloading. This is the objective of the Destacker launched on the market by Marfin, which thus expands its commercial proposal; it is an advanced solution for pallet management, capable of significantly improving production efficiency and reducing manual errors. Thanks to its versatility and advanced functionalities, the Decapper represents a strategic investment for any company aiming at the automation and optimisation of logistics processes.

The Destacker is available in two versions: for pallets with dimensions of 800×1200 mm and 1230×1430 mm (model MF1430) and for larger pallets, with a maximum width of 1430 mm and a maximum length of 1880 mm; this model can also process smaller pallets on request MF188).

Both models can be equipped with an automatic pallet reading system. This innovative system allows the machine to recognise the format of the loaded pallet and automatically update the settings to accept it correctly.

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