Destacker MF1880 / MF1430

Marfin’s Destacker is designed to speed up the unloading operation of stacks of pallets, aligning and squaring the pallets perfectly, ensuring a continuous production flow and minimising the possibility of errors associated with manual unloading.

The machine can:
– de-stack stacks of pallets from the Manufacturer (usually stacks of 18 or more pallets of different formats);
– de-stack and centre the stack of pallets to be collected by an automated system;
– de-stack, centre and re-stack into stacks of pallets consisting of 7 or more perfectly aligned pallets, ready to be collected by the automated system and positioned in the picking area of the palletising system (the pallets, at the user’s discretion, can even be less than 7 or even a single pallet can be removed).

Marfin’s Destacker is available in two different versions, depending on the format of the pallets to be processed:
– the “MF1430” model is designed for 800×1200 mm and 1230×1430 mm formats
– the “MF1880” model is designed for larger formats (maximum width 1430 mm and maximum length 1880 mm); on request, the machine can also process both pallet formats or even smaller pallets.
Both versions can be equipped with the automatic reading system of the pallet to be processed: in fact, after loading the pallet director, the machine “recognises” the incoming pallet and updates the settings to accept it.



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