FK6 and FKL6 Combi Machine

The FK6 and FKL6 combi systems integrate the FK4 shrink tunnel and the K6/KL6 HS hood wrapping machines into one single solution: this offer is the perfect solution for companies that need to handle high volumes of packaging in small spaces, while guaranteeing unprecedented speed and compactness.

Designed to optimise production efficiency, the FK6 and FKL6 are perfectly adapted to various sectors, including food & beverage, thanks to their capacity to handle half pallets effectively too. These advanced machines are equipped with a wide range of accessories and options, including a lifting system to rotate the product, which increases its versatility and adaptability to various packaging needs.

Perfect for customers who require a powerful yet compact solution for their industrial packaging, the FK6 and FKL6 stand out with their smart design and capacity to meet any production challenge effectively.



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