K6/KL6 Hood Wrapping Machine

The K6 hood wrapping machine is the best solution for industrial packaging thanks to its fully automated system for positioning shrink wrap hoods (usually made from polyethylene) over products. The hood wrapping process automatically measures the height of the hood in relation to the product handled, guaranteeing precision and speed in packaging.

Compatible with both Marfin packaging lines and those of other manufacturers already installed at customers’ factories, the K6/KL6 stands out with its sturdy construction, ease of use and versatility. Suitable for various sectors, including ceramics, construction, electrical appliances and food, this machine is also available in an HS version (High Speed), perfect for processing large production volumes.

While maintaining the excellent performance of the K6, the KL6 model also has the option of using two different sized heat shrink wraps at the same time. This feature allows for combined packaging of different sized products, improving the effectiveness of heat shrink wrapping and reducing the consumption of material. The reels are selected automatically, based on the data provided by the conveyor line, further optimising the packaging process.



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