KR06 Horizontal Strapping Machine

The KR06 horizontal strapping machine is the perfect solution for industrial packaging. It can automatically apply one or several polyester or polypropylene straps around palletised products. This machine stands out with its heavy compacting device, which prepares and stabilises the products before strapping, ensuring a tensile strength of up to 300 kg for safe and secure packaging.

This advanced horizontal strapping system is designed to eliminate any risks linked to transporting unstable loads, improving safety during handling operations. Equipped with an intuitive user interface terminal, the KR06 allows for simple, precise programming of strapping data, as well as easy management of all operating parameters, including alarm signals for any potential faults.

Perfect for companies that require efficiency, reliability and safety in the packaging process, the KR06 is an advanced choice for optimising the preparation of palletised loads, guaranteeing superior quality packaging.



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