KRL01 Vertical Strapping Machine

The KRL01 vertical strapping machine is designed to optimise industrial packaging, guaranteeing the automatic application of one or more polyester or polypropylene straps around palletised products. Equipped with the same strapping technology as the KR06 model, this machine has a tensile strength of up to 300 kg, ensuring the highest safety and stability for the load.

Thanks to its moveable guide for the straps, the KRL01 is perfect for any vertical packaging requirements. As soon as the pallet reaches the desired position, the system activates the guide to come out to complete the strapping loop, making the process seamless and efficient. The presence of an advanced sensor allows the strapping head to adapt automatically to various sized products, getting rid of the need for manual intervention and substantially increasing productivity in industrial environments.

Perfect for a wide range of applications, from logistics to production, the KRL01 vertical strapping machine is a cutting-edge solution for anyone looking for efficiency, reliability and automation in the packaging of palletised products.



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