Vertical strapping machine with translation KRLT01

The KRLT01 automatic strapping machine developed by Marfin is an essential tool for the proper handling of palletized products. It ensures load stability, facilitates storage, and enhances safety during transport.
The retractable lower channel allows the strap to be inserted even through the pallet, thus forming a single body with the product.
The strapping machine can be integrated into fully automatic lines, exchanging input and output signals with upstream and downstream devices, or it can operate independently. It is also designed to automatically perform one or more strappings; the system’s translation on dedicated tracks gives the option of not moving unstable products, ensuring their stability throughout the process.
During the tensioning of the strap, the strapping head carries out a transversal compensation movement that allows for equal tension between the edges of the product, thereby ensuring greater stability.
The straightforward management of routine maintenance and the high reliability of its performance make the KRLT01 vertical strapping machine suitable for many industrial sectors.



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